88 Years of Fabric and Menschkeit
The Story of our Family Business

The fabric business has been our family's passion since the 1920s, when Morris Gass, "The Rex Peddler," rode his horse and buggy through the streets of Montreal, selling buttons, zippers, rags, and fabric notions during the Great Depression. Morris conducted business on the concept of menschkeit - the honor, truth, and integrity that we, as human beings, owe to one another. Morris brought his sons, Sam and Bernie, along in the buggy, and the Gass boys worked alongside their father until World War II broke out.

The second generation of the family biz was founded by Morris' son, Samuel Gass. After serving in army, Sam opened up The Material Shop in Montreal, Canada with his siblings, Bernie and Gita. At the time, the company was little more than a table, a pair of scissors, and a few rolls of fabric. 

In 1947, Sam hired a lovely, brilliant, and sassy seamstress named Sadie who added another dimension to his business. Sadie was amazing with a needle and thread; she could sew anything! It didn't take very long for Sam to fall in love with her. She knew exactly which buttons to push! Soon, with Sadie's talent, the Material Shop was offering curtains and slipcovers to its customers. 

In the 1950s, Sam, Sadie, and their four children moved to New Jersey, where they opened their first workroom and began manufacturing draperies and slipcovers for Sears, JC Penney, and independent designers. They called it Decorator's Workroom: the Sew-and-Sew Shop. Sam's eldest son, Marty, spent most of his early childhood sweeping up sawdust, fabric snippings, and wayward thread. He grew up in the Sew-and-Sew Shop, learning the odds and ends of the family business at the hand of his father. Sam took Marty to his first drapery installation at age 8; he cut his first slipcover at 13.

After college, Marty spent ten years in the army. During this time Sam, holder of several patents for workroom-related inventions, began consulting with different workrooms around the United States. In 1980, the third generation of the biz was born when Marty opened Dimensions IV, a drapery workroom, in Vancouver, Canada. Sam left sunny Florida for rainy Vancouver to offer his consultation services to his son, Marty... and he never left. And so the Gass family was together making drapes once again! 

As Dimensions IV grew, so did the size of the staff. Marty hired an energetic, brilliant, and beautiful seamstress named Marlies in the early 80s. Later, Marlies would joke that she followed Sadie's path: she "worked her way up the ladder and married the boss." 

In 1992, Marty and Marlies packed up the sewing machines and the kids and moved to the USA. In '95, they finally settled in Las Vegas and opened the fourth generation of the Gass family legacy: Decor 8 Interiors, a workroom for the design trade. The three kids, Samantha, Bryanna, and Bowen, grew up as rosy babies who napped on Dacron, colored with crayons on sample books, and made play horses out of discarded fabric rolls. They also might have been the only preschoolers ever in history to know the difference between a cornice and a valance. 

Today, the grown-up Gass children continue the tradition as operators of custom workrooms to-the trade.
Under the guidance of the now-gray-haired Marty, Samantha holds the reigns to Decor 8. Sam (named for her grandfather) is a magna cum laude graduate of Webster University, from where she holds a Bachelor's of Fine Arts. Those early years surrounded by design did a real number on her -- she has been hooked on her family's passions (art, design, and beautiful fabric) for as long as she can remember. These days, she is honored to carry on the legacy, while working alongside her Dear Old Dad.

And so our company remains a family affair. In 88 years, our family business has gone through many generations, operated out of many different cities, and been called many different names. From humble beginnings as the Rex Peddler on the streets of Montreal, to the Decorator's Workroom in New Jersey, to Dimensions IV in Vancouver, and finally -- to Decor 8 Interiors in Las Vegas. But through them all, it's always been our family serving yours. We love what we do, pure and simple. 

In the spirit of the Gass family tradition, we're dedicated to exquisite work, an honest reputation, and the satisfaction of our clients. We hope you'll work with us and see for yourself.

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